Monday, September 19, 2011

Zombie Panic in Wonderland

a cute railshooter game, where you play as fairytale characters and shooting zombies that appear on screen

classic arcade style shooter, just point at zombies and shoot them before they come to you.
you can use 3 weapon here, machine gun with unlimited ammo but low power, magnum, strong but low ammo and flame thrower which can burn your enemies, there're some grenades too for massive attack on enemies
in this game you can only move left and right, so just use it to avoid enemy attacks, there's also dodge move to avoid attack if you're cornered

there're only 3 level here, each have 2 normal stage and 1 boss stage
in normal stage you'll just have to kill enemies and reach 100% clean-up target in available time [usually 5 minutes]
in boss stage is boss battle, no timer here, just beat the boss and finish the stage

for such small size, this game is quite fun, gameplay is repetitive but it's still amusing since you can destroy many stuff in background [and get some item/ammo], graphic is very nice too, simple 3D but has beautiful scenery
oddly, 1st boss battle is the hardest stage in this game

after finishing arcade mode you'll unlock some new characters, basically the same just with different skin and animation
also there's a new stage "Pirate Ship" which basically just survival mode

nice game I said, more fun to play it with friends, I just play it alone in emulator but still fun anyway