Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fuuka Taisen

a doujin fighting game based on anime Mai-HIME

the sprites has nice animation and has 3D effect in background
I can say it's quite nice, with simple mechanic and many character to play
the game start with 9 character, you can unlock the rest by finishing Story Mode

my favourite feature in this game is Team Battle Mode [a.k.a 2 vs 2]
it make the battle more complicated, but it's fun to be able to attack enemies from both side
this feature need to be unlocked first tough, by completing Arcade Mode with all character

interested to play?
you can download the game here
and dont forget to update the game
get the update patch from official site here

oh, and there's another patch that add one more character

still has bug, and it make the game crash sometimes so it's up to you if you if you want to try
you can get the patch here


  1. stylenya jd inget marvel vs capcom ato SF vs Marvel
    *ah.. intinya yg cros2 githu deh

  2. kalo MvC kan team battlenya pake sistem TAG/gantian gitu.
    yg ini bener2 2P vs 2P langsung.
    dijamin lebih rame n meriah deh!

  3. can you reup the patchs the site is dead

  4. can you reup the patchs the site is dead