Friday, September 30, 2011

Feel the Flash! Kasumi Rebirth

ero flash game starring Kasumi from Dead or Alive

very simple flash game, control basically just click and drag using mouse
guess no need more explanation here, just look at the pics and you should know what to do
there also guide in the left part of screen about what kind of action you can do, so better just try and figure it yourself

for a flash game, this game has a quite nice graphic, animation is quite smooth too, and there are many thing you can do here
also this game already have english menu and dialog, with some nice voice acting
there are dual voice act here, japanese and english [or engrish maybe], both is quite good I say

well, this just a simple and short but amusing flash game for killing time
no need to raise stat, no need to filling gauge, just do what you want and have fun

download here
pass: engrish


  1. bussettt.. gbrnya lebih berbahaya daripada yg gw share di blog gw