Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ninja Baseball Bat Man

another nice arcade beat-em-up game I just found
nope! it has nothing to do with that DC superhero, bat here mean those tool to play baseball

play as one of four ninja? with bat as their weapon and beat all your enemies
each one has their own weapon and special attack, not as many as in Denjin Makai 2, but this game still have it's own appeal

one thing interesting here is when you beating the bosses [and some enemies], they will lose some part of their bodies then their attack pattern will change, kinda feel like fighting some sequence in boss battle, very nice feat indeed

there're many variation of enemies here, most is just a ball with eyes and hand, but each stage has their own specific enemies [like poltergeist in Texas stage]

another game I recommend to try, nice graphic [cartoonish with bright color], easy combo and a lot of enemy variation here, and those summoned cheerleader group is fun too watch too

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