Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Porindama Online

Puyo-Puyo style puzzle game with Ragnarok Online theme

seems like I really love this kind of puzzle game, well, it's has addictive gameplay and can be played against other player so I guess it's reasonable right?

Ok, about this game, it's really perfect clone of Puyo-Puyo Fever, just replace puyo with poring and change the characters and voila! you got Porindama
gameplay is exactly the same, match poring with same color and if you can connect four poring or more, they will dissapear and sent to your oppponent, fill opponent area with poring until reach the top and you win
there are also Fever mode here, if your Fever gauge is full, in Fever Mode you got some poring arranged already and you just need put one on the right place to make combo, a good chance to send big wave of attack at once to your opponent

also, just like the title said, this game has online vs mode, so you can play against other people online

Warning! this game got some H content, after finishing a round, you got a revealing pics of the loser character
and in story mode, after defeat a opponent you'll also got some ero scene too [never play story mode so don't really know about it, seems just VN style pics and dialog]

Well, aside from those adult stuff, this game is really fun and addictive
cute and colorful graphic, nice BGM [seems taken from RO BGM], voice act is not so special but not bad I guess
overall, it's still a good game for killing time, or to played together against your friend

download here


  1. tambahkan .. bentuk file img.. harus pake daemon dan temennya biar bisa kebuka

  2. ya itu biasanya kan udah jadi pengetahuan basic para gamer

  3. Need reupload :D , megaupload has banned

  4. unfortunately, I can't find link for this game anymore.

    but I found link for the older version of this game [has less character and no online support but stil has similar gameplay anyway] here: