Friday, September 9, 2011

Lilian Fourhand - Nuclear Soeur the Fighter

scrolling shooter game, based on yuri anime Maria-sama ga Miteru [don't know, never watched it]
choose from 3 pair character [each one has different weapon] and make your way to the end of the stage
shoot all the enemies, try to survive and beat the boss in each stage

in the beginning it's feel so easy, just wait till you face boss in the later stage....
after finish the game with all 3 character, you'll unlock extra/special mode
there some new mode like: boss battle, endless, 1000 junk, 2 minutes [time attack], and 3 million points
I feel this mode is more fun to play, tough basically we just shoot enemies which will come from many direction till we reach the target, simple but still fun

oh! and also you'll get 1 extra character too [strongest one of course]

BTW, 1st stage BGM is Pachelbel Kanon, should sound familiar right?

Download here


  1. we need MF.. actualy this same as Tohou right?
    Shooter or puch?? btw.. what the different SHMUP with Shooter?

  2. nih ada link MF ngambil dr forum orang

    mirip sih! tapi yg ini horizontal n bulletnya ga serame touhou, tapi cukup menyulitkan juga loh!

    shooter biasanya buat nyebut yg tipe2 FPS gitu,
    kalo shmup yg tipe2 arcade gini