Thursday, September 22, 2011

Under Defeat

another my favorite shmup, with very stunning beautiful 3D graphics

usually I don't really care about graphic in games, but this time I must say this game has very amazing graphic, I can say this game is one of the best shmup with 3D graphics I've played
the best part is in explosion animations, when enemy heli is shot down, it'll spinning around then falling down, or when a battleship is destroyed, it'll explode then split into 2 pieces, then there big explosion when destroying bosses, very beautiful to see

aside from graphic, this game also quite fun to play, you're controlling a helicopter, you chan change you angle of shooting by moving left or right, after get the right angle then hold shot button to keep shooting on that direction, very useful to face against bosses since some of them has weak point that sometimes cannot be attacked from the front
no power up here, just sub weapon which can help you shooting enemies, you can use it when the gauge is full [the gauge will be charged automatically when you stop shooting] and then it will chase the enemy and shoot them

in short, it's a great game, a must play for every shmup fans
comparing with other danmaku style game, this game has less bullet, but still has some challenge, especially in boss battle
for non shmup fans, just try it, at least you can enjoy beautiful graphic in this game


  1. butuh ya pest?

    bisa ambil dr sini nih:

    emu ama BIOS-nya bisa ngambil dr situ juga
    pake yg terbaru aja, ver 0.5.6