Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Touhou Rinrouka - Entirety Spell Timbre

play a fun and addicting puzzle game, with characters from touhou series

gameplay is similar with Puyo-Puyo or Magical Drop, match the orbs with the same color, make them dissapear and send them to your opponent
a little different with Puyo-Puyo where your orb will automatically dissapear after connecting four/more orbs, in this game you need to connect the orbs with spell card with same colors to make them dissapear. so you can send them right away one by one or build a combo with many orbs before send them to enemies

Each character also have special attack here, can be executed after special gauge in the middle screen is full
with different effect for each character, like destroying orbs, stopping time etc

very nice puzzle game, addicting and fun to play
story mode is quite hard tough, specially in last stage, even in easy mode
playing against other people is lots more fun 

download here
update patch here
oh! one more thing, you need to set your PC locale setting to japanese to play this game

1 comment:

  1. empat!! yg tiga aja susah bener...
    jd inget Genshiken... yg terakhir dia combo.. langsung 12 ceweknya kalah