Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In the Hunt

unique arcade shmup game where you play as a submarine.

a horizontal shmup game, with submarine as your character that mean you're playing in underwater stage here
you have 2 weapon, front weapon/torpedo to shoot enemies in front of you and top weapon/missile to shoot enemies above you, and by pressing missile button you're also drop some bomb below at same time, that mean you're can shoot enemy above and below your ship

there are two type enemies here:
- underwater enemies, you can just shoot them with torpedo. missile or drop bomb on them
- enemies in ground/sky, to get them you must go to the surface and then use missile to shoot them

gameplay is similar with another shmup, just move forward, shoot your enemies and then beat the boss
of course, because there are 2 type of enemies you must go forth back to surface and below

this game has nice animation, for example when we destroy a ship, we'll see that ship explode then drown in water, I also like how our attack also can cause some effect in background, like in stage 3, when we use missile in the sky, the buliding in background also got some effect. first all the glass in the windows are broken, then the building got more damaged and finally it collapsed, very nice animation indeed

so, this is one nice shmup to try, quite old in graphic but the still good I say
there're also some variation in stage, not just move front and shoot enemies, like when you must destroy enemies bridge, or shoot to the ceiling to drop them to enemy
no need to say anymore, better try and feel it yourself!

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