Sunday, September 11, 2011

PatchCon! Defend the library!

mini RTS, or tower defense type game with Touhou characters
choose from 6 team choices, each have different attack type and ability, and try to defend your library from raid attack of enemies

in arcade mode, you just have to defend your bookshelf from some enemies [Marisa] which will try to steal books you have there
if all your books is stolen then you lost, if you can survive from all enemy raid, you'll finish the game
each team have 5 different unit, basically there are 3 type: melee, long range, and flying type
combine these 3 type to defend your library

after finishing arcade mode, you'll unlock extra mode like swarm mode, thief mode, boss rush, endless mode etc
basically the same with some different condition in each mode

short game [just 1 round], but still fun for killing time, worth to try anyway

download here
and there is english patch too
download patch here


  1. ooo ini.. yg gw liat di youtubenya bikin stress.. dimana tiba2 muncul ratusan (ato dah ribuan) marisa menyerang.. dan kl ada bom.. bisa habis banyak deh..

    liat Youtubenya lagi ahh

  2. kalo ga jago maennya jangan nekat maen Lunatic lah!
    jelas aja musuhnya grudugan

  3. tuh buku isinya apa ya? penasaran..

  4. karena punya patchouli, yaoi paling ^_^