Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Poor Sakura Fight!

another ero flash game, kinda feel rather like fighting game

don't really can call it fighting since your opponent is just a powerless girl and can't fight back
you play as a caveman [or apeman? whatever you call it] against a helpless captured girl
control is very simple here, A and D to move left/right, J to punch, K to kick and L to grab her
when you grab her you can press J to change position, K to call your caveman mate to join, and L to release her

there are many variation of position here, depend on her state when you grab her [standing, kneeling or lie down], whether you grab her from front/back and how many caveman friend you call to join

well it's quite good for a flash game, with many postion you can try to find here
animation is smooth and 3D graphic is not bad either
the game is really short tough [typical flash game] but still enjoyable

download here