Sunday, October 2, 2011

Asuka 120% - Burning Fest Final

another fighting game for PSX, the last release of this series

first fighting game I know which introducing easy and fast paced combo system [which later adopted and used in game like Melty Blood series]
that mean you can connect combo just by pressing any button, connect them with other button or special attack freely as long as your attack can reach your opponent
this game used 3 attack button and 1 knockback/launcher [also use for super special attack]
if you can fill your super gauge till reach 120%, you'll enter burning/burst mode where you can use your super move freely for some period [till your gauge is empty]

for a PSX game, it has quite nice graphic here, animation is quite smooth too
with all girls character where each girl represent their club [mostly sports] at school, each with their unique move and equipment in their club

not a bad game, with simple and fast gameplay this game still enjoyable to play
this game also has the most complete cast from this series
overall, it's still a nice collection for fighting game fans

you can get it from snesorama

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