Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pretty Warrior May Cry

this game finally has released!
after playing some early level, this game is actually quite interesting
you play as demon lord and defend your castle/dungeon from warriors attack

first you must dig your way to create a labirynth in your dungeon
then you put some monsters to engage the warriors which coming
you can defeat/kill the warrior or capture them
to defeat them just put monsters with same sex to engage them
to capture them you must put monsters with opposite sex to engage them

battle will end if you can defeat/capture all warriors [you win], or the warriors reach the demon lord [you lose]
captured warriors can be trained in intermission to be your slaves, and then you can used them as your minion
in intermission, you can also upgrade stat of your monsters with points[soul] you've got after battle
you can upgrade their attack, defense, speed etc
you can also create new type of monsters [need some certain item]

download ver 1.0 here
and you can update your game to ver 1.1
in main menu, choose About>v 1.1 update then Download
there are some addition like scaling mode [for low res monitor user like mine, now you can see the whole screen] and some another fix in the game 

oh, and just like trial version, this game already has english version!