Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maragaike Oni

typical strategy/defense game, with isometric view
you control a kappa and must protect a purple ball/pearl? from raid of enemies

the enemies is oni girls, if they can reach the ball that mean you lost
to stop those oni girls, you must engage them from behind, your kappa will penetrate her and create a bunshin/another kappa which you can control to engage the other oni girls
the girls who've engaged will stop and stay in her place for some time, you can use her as barricade to prevent another girls to pass, but be careful since you also can't move past her, make sure you not make yourself trapped and can't move anywhere
you can also engaged the girls directly from front, and there will be a roulette, depend on your luck, you can make her stunned so you can engage her or she will make you stunned and can't move for some time
you'll win the game if you can engage and penetrate all oni girls in the map

this game might feel really easy at early stages
but the later stage is getting quite hard
with horde of oni girls and plain area without any obstacle, it can be quite frustrating
and honestly I never able to pass level 6
well, you can just try and see it yourself

download here

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