Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pretty Warrior May Cry -demo out-

7th Dream finally release trial version of their new game, Pretty Warrior May Cry
basically in this game you play as demon lord and try to defend your castle from the warriors who will come to attack
create a labyrinth in dungeon and put some monsters to fight the warriors [kinda like tower defense type game]
you can captured defeated warriors and train them to be your slaves, and then you can use them as your troop later to fight other warriors

some screen:

unfortunately, since I only have old low res monitor, I can't try this trial game [since we can't change game resolution here] so I can't say much about it

anyway in their homepage, they say that the game will coming in a week, so that mean full game will be released soon
and don't worry, the trial is already in english! [there are two launcher file, for japanese and english]

you can get the trial from their homepage here

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