Friday, February 17, 2012

Karei ni Nousatsu Kunoichi ga Iku! -Momoiro Harenchi Ninpouchou-

yay! this game is out already!
unfortunately, this game is not as good as we expected
tough it has similar gameplay with Shinobi Girl, it lacks variation in enemies and animation

there only two enemy type that capable to do rape moves in this game, while in Shinobi Girl every enemy can grab rape you and has their own animation
Shinobi Girl also has more smooth animation despite it's small size

well, at least this game also has it's good points
first you got 2 playable characters, one is melee and the other is ranged type
then you got story, with nice CG scene and voiced dialog, it's a thing you don't get in Shinobi Girl
and of course it's also got multiple different game over scene too
but since I don't know japanese, I usually just skip them

honestly I prefer Shinobi Girl than this game, but some of you might want to try this game
this game is not that bad actually, it has quite good art, and there are gallery mode too

download here