Friday, February 17, 2012

Soreyuke! Burunyanman Hardcore!!!

a horizontal cute shmup game, with very nice and beautiful graphic
the game also not really hard to play, or I can say it's quite easy for a shmup game

another cute-em-up style game, you play as neko musume? against mouse girls's? invasion
in the beginning it's feel reaally easy to play, since enemies won't shot too much and you can shot their bullet and destroy them, but after stage 3 the game will getting harder and give some challenge
this game don't have power-up system, you only get helper cats as an option which will stay around your character and help shooting enemies
but you can power up your shot by grazing enemy bullet [getting near to enemy bullets], kinda similar with Shikigami no Shiro series
another unique system is when you bombing you'll get different cutscene of your characters with different costumes [some people said you get less clothing in cutscene each time you using bomb]

tough this game is titled Hardcore, I don't find much H element in this game, maybe you need to play in hard mode to get it? whatever, the game is quite good without those adult elements anyway

like I said, the biggest charm of this game is it's cute graphic and music
the menu interface is also very nice too, I like how they make stage selection menu
gameplay is so-so tough, not too hardcore for shmup player
well, it's still a really good game to play anyway
and one more thing! you can save between stages, that's quite rare feature in shmup games

download here

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