Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Localized Doujin Game!!

in the end of this month we'll get two localized doujin game which will be released by Nyu-Media

1st game is Exceed Colection, a compilation of 3 shmup games : Exceed -Gun Bullet Children-, Exceed 2nd -Vampire Rex- and Exceed 3rd -Black Package-
tough all of them can be said has similar genre but each game has different unique mechanic
this game will be released at February 23th

I've already played the japanese version of these games, so the new thing to expect here is finally we can understand the story of this games
BTW the 3rd game is using professional voice actor like Yukari Tamura and Nana Mizuki in their cast, that's quite rare for a doujin games
don't know if the localized version will have their voice too

check the homepage if you want to download and try demo version of this game

2nd game is Cherry Tree High Comedy Club which will be released in February 29th
it's a simulation game where you'll schedule you daily routine and interact with peoples in the town
I am more interested in this game since this game seems will gave new and fresh experience
since I've never played this kind of game before

there still no demo in the homepage for now, but there is a trailer video of this game

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