Friday, February 17, 2012

Fortune Summoners -Secret of the Elemental Stone-

another localized doujin RPG! yay!
actually I'll say this game is Slice of Life Sidescrolling Cute RPG
finally we can play this great game in english!

in this game you play as 3 cute loli girl, spending their days in adventure and school life
I said Slice of Life because this game divided in 11 days, and each days can said as a chapter of this game. moreover in each days you got a diffierent story and quest to finish

you got 3 playable characters in this game: Arche the swordsgirl, with highest atack power
Sana the healer which got many debuff spell and the last is Stella as an attacker mage which has mostly offensive spell
the battle in the game is using sidescroll action style, while you can freely move and attack your enemy kinda similar with old Tales of games but with simpler mechanics

tough this game has cute design, the battle difficulty can be quite frustrating [especially when you must go on adventure  just by yourself] because enemy AI is quite [or really smart?]
they don't just stay and waiting to be killed, they'll jump to dodge your attack, run away and attack from far, and using bad status indulged spell/attack
tlaking about bad status, it's really annoying in this game, in the beginning of the game you'll only got poison, well it's not a big deal since you got a healer
later then you got sleep and paralyze, and the most annoying is confuse [confused Arche can kill your whole team in seconds]

aside of the challenging battles, this game has many good points
graphic is quite beautiful [tough it's not in HD], music is very nice and it got amusing and funny dialog

sadly the localized one is Standard Edition, not Deluxe Edition 
so we won't get additional side quest and professional voice acting as in Deluxe Edition 
ah well, at least now we can play this game and fully understand the story

download here
for IDWS member you can also download from local host here

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