Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fairy Fighting -update-

new playable monster has been added to this fairy-rape fighting game
for you who don't know this game, it's a fighting game created with program 2D Fighting Maker
you can play as a fairy named Tiki in a number of stage against some monsters
or play as one of the monsters and fight against Tiki

this game has so-so graphic [well, this game is made by one person only], gameplay is quite simple too
of course, the main appeal of this game is the ability of the monsters to molest and rape Tiki in battle
they has their own spesific moves and each one also has at least 1-3 finishing moves/animation, which some of them are quite hardcore

anyway, here the pics of new monsters, Alakune

with the addition of Alakune, now this game already has 11 monster + Tiki
the creator of this game is still update it, so there might be another monster/character addition in the future

it's a free game, so you can get this game from official site here