Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hinokakera - Chaotic Eclipse

well, maybe all of you already know this game
since this is one of the best 3D doujin fighting game I've played, so I just wanna put some review here

this game actually a remake/remastered from old version of Hinokakera
with some enhanced in graphic and also some tweaking in characters's moves
for you who haven't played Hinokakera, it's a very good 3D fighting game
with solid gameplay, moderate combo system, and there are brake system to cancel your attack and make longer combo
it has very nice character design too, music is so so but not bad anyway

and there are two things I like in this game
- first you can set character's move speed, there are 3 choice: low, normal, and fast
so you can adjust it to match your skill, the timing to executed combo will be different for each speed
of course low speed is easier to launch combo
- second is the replay/watch mode, when you play this, the camera will move around the battle
so you can watch the battle from different angle, for me it's a very nice feature 

so no need more explanation, it's a great game
if you're fighting game lover, definitely must try this

download here

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  1. Not too long review, and you forgot some very important and unique features of the game. XD

    Anyway this is one of the best fighting game ever released. Not just fun, but unique and support netplay without requiring any registration or good net. :)