Friday, November 25, 2011

Crucis Fatal Fake

3D fighting game based on VN Fate/Stay Night
with cell shading graphics and featuring 2 vs 2 tag battle system

just like in the VN, you play as a pair of Master and Servant
in this game you can freely pair up any Master with any Servant tough
you can freely switch between Master and Servant in battle, but the battle is over the Master lose, so better watch out your Master's life bar
all Master can be used in battle except for Ilya, she can't fight but she have unlimited Command Seal while the other Masters only have 3
Command Seal is needed to launch ultimate attack or in this game is called Noble Phantasm, you can also use Command Seal to pull back your Servant if he/she is grief position [like when you got combo-ed by your opponent]
beside for switching in battle, you can also use your Master to launch supporting attack and there also cooperating attack with your Servant [each one has different co-op attack]

this game is actually quite good
it has quite complete characters [8 Masters and 11 Servants]
nice graphic, nice effect, good voice act and of course solid gameplay
combo system is quite moderate, not as crazy like in the official game, Fate Unlimited Codes
well, this game don't have such amazing animation like in that game but overall this game still a nice fighting game to play

download here

and you need to update the game to add 3 more characters [Dark Sakura, Dark Saber and Avenger]
update patch from official site here
download and apply all the patch [from 1.12 to 1.22]

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  1. Well, I interested in this game, but megaupload has banned.