Tuesday, November 22, 2011


new fighting game made by chinese [or taiwanese?] developer
using 2D fighting style [kinda feel like King of Fighters series] and 3D graphics
by the looks in demo videos, this game has nice graphic and smooth animation

unfortunately, since I can't read chinese, I can't get more info about this game
like the release date or what platform this game will be released [probably for arcade], even I don't know the title of this game in roman alphabet

well. this game seems rather promising so I hope they'll release PC version too

some screenshot:

in demo video, they only got 4 playable characters
but in the character select screen, this game seems at least will have 12 characters

here's some of the playable characters in demo video
they have quite nice design I say

official site: http://xd.qq.com/
only has intro video for now

and here some gameplay video:

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