Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Duke Nudem

online flash game, this game said was created to promote Duke Nukem Forever

I don't know and never played Duke Nukem series so can't tell much about it
anyway, this game is very-very simple rail shooter game
you pick one of four girl as your rival/opponent then shoot moving target in some practice area
if you can shoot the target, you got some point, if your shot hit civilian/non target, your point is reduced
you'll win the game if you got more point than your opponent

every time you win a round, you'll get a sequence video of your opponent girl taking off a piece of her clothes
after winning 3 round you finally will get her topless
that's all, now you've cleared one girl and will rewarded with a sexy photo of the girl

well, nothing really special about this game, aside of those strip videos of the girls
unfortunately you can only make them topless at most
this game also can only played online, not to mention it takes quite some time to load [depend on your internet connection of course]

anyway if you want to try this game, you can play it here:

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