Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shinobi Girl

ero flash game again, an action sidescroll game

don't know if you can call it action, since all you do here just run from the start point to the end of stage
in your way you must avoid from enemies which will come to you, you can do it by avoid them [jump/crouch] or just kick them out
aside from kicking you also got limited bomb attack which can make all enemies in screen dissapear

if you got hit by enemies you'll lose one piece of your cloth [you got 2 chance here], if you've lost all of your clothes and got hit by enemies again, they'll grab you and well, ... do their stuff, you need to do some buttton mashing to escape or you'll lose your HP gradually
there are also some kind of timer here, there is a tentacle wall behind you which will move slowly after you, if you get caught by this wall, you'll automatically lost

quite simple game but also kinda hard in later stage when there are many enemies coming at once
graphic also not bad, there are many type of enemies and each one has 2 type animation when they grab you
for a flash game, I can say it's quite good

got the link from hongfire
download here


  1. bisa jadi tempat sumber/backup link untuk hong-api neh

  2. hongapi udah ga bisa buat donlod bleh!