Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gensou Shoujo Taisen Scarlet english patch released!

for you people who didn't know this game, this is a turn based strategy game featuring Touhou characters which released in Comiket 78 last year

the gameplay is similar with Super Robot Wars series, if you've played them, you should've familiar with this game system

the english patch said already 99.5% complete, so at least it will really help to understand this game story
already tried and playing in early stage, and it seems there are no problem so far
now the game title in english is Fantasy Maiden Wars

here's some screenshot of the game:

well, this game has very simple graphic and animation, but if you love SRW style gameplay, this game is still enjoyable, there also some new system like focus and spellcard which will give some challenge
and one more thing, the BGM in this game is amazing! really got a feel of SRW game here, there are some track that should sound familiar for SRW player, just play and find it yourself!

you can download the game here
to apply the english patch, you must update your game to ver 1.12 first
you can get the update patch from official site here
and finally the english patch is here

last thing, to play this game you need to set your PC locale to japanese, or use some program like applocale

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