Monday, October 10, 2011

Kaiki! Drill Otoko no Kyoufu

a visual novel adventure game, with some survival element

you play as one of three sisters which lost in their vacation and end up in a strange mansion
they'll separated in this mansion so you must search inside the mansion to find the other sisters and also reveal the mistery of the mansion [kinda something like that I guess, since I haven't finished this game]

this game kinda like point and click, you move from one room to another by click a room in the map
when inside a room you can click an object to examine it 
in your way, you'll meet drillman, some kind monster which will chase and try to catch you, here you have two choice, run away and find a place to hide [like under the bed, inside a box, behind a curtain etc] and wait him to leave or use any various object in the room [if there is one] and throw it to slow him down

your lifebar is presented by your clothes here, if you get caught, the drillman will attack and damage your clothes, you got 3 chances before finally get naked, and if you get caught again, well... that mean game over to you
but don't worry, you can find some change clothes in the mansion, there are only four of them in whole game tough

there are 3 playable characters here, each of them have their own story
Ayaka the little sister is easy mode, because of her little body, she can hide in many places that her sisters can't, but she is not strong enough to throwing object for self defense
Hazuki the middle sister, has taller body so she got less place to hide but she can use many object for self defense
Yukino the oldest, same as Hazuki but she is forgetful and can't record the map so you'll see the map will still uncovered in the game even though you've explore the mansion

as a visual novel game, this game also got multiple ending [mostly is bad ending tough] aside from the ending you got after finish the game
oddly, to get that ending all you have to do is change your clothes and go to spesific area to trigger a scene
that mean there are 5 bad ending for each character as you got 5 clothes in this game

well this is an old game, graphic is so-so but not bad either, voice acting is not bad too
there are some puzzle solving here like in those survival game, but mostly all you do is just read the text and running away from drillman
overall still good game to try, and thanks to some nice guy in Hongfire that has making english translation for this game, you can enjoy this game fully with the story

download here
password: kaiki

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