Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Life as a Darklord

another wiiware game, this time it's tower defense type

you're play as Mira, a demon princess with her flying tower in her attempt to take over the world
so in this game you must defend her tower from adventurer's attack and stop them from reaching the top floor
you can do it by adding more floor, put some minion/monster, basically just defeat those adventure before they reach the top, if you can defeat all adveturers that attack your tower, you win
of course if even one of them can reach the top floor of the tower, you're lost

to build a floor and creating monster you need some resource poin, you'll get some at the beginning of stage which enough to build some floor and make some monster, and then when you defeat an enemy you'll also get some resource poin
there are 3 type of floors here, offensive, defensive and special
offensive floor will help you attack enemies, defensive floor can help you protect/heal your monster , special floor give special effect like raise your monsters stat or give some bad status to your enemies [like sleep, stop etc]

you can put up to 3 monster in each floor [depend on floor type and size of your monster]
at the beginning of game you only got few type of monsters/floor but as game progress you'll get more type of  monster/floors to use

battle occured inside tower, using ATB system where your monster and enemies can attack after their battle gauge is full, each monster/adventurer have different speed
adventurer also has time gauge which showing how long they will stay in a floor, if those gauge is up they will advance to the next floor
each floor can only occupied by one adventurer at a time, so if the next one come while he/she still in a floor, that adventurer will advance directly to the next floor
sometimes they're also come in group, so better prepare some floor to stop them

the strategic part is to put the right monster to defeat your enemies since there're many type of adventurer with their own weakness
basically there are 5 type of adventurer/monster : melee, ranged, magic, generic, and healer
melee is strong against ranged, ranged is strong against magic, magic strong against melee
generic is normal type with no strength/weakness, healer will just heal and never attack
so better watch what kind of enemies will come and make some monsters which strong against them

quite nice game I said, graphic is simple 3D but looks great and colorful
gameplay is fun and give some challenge too, you need some strategy in putting floor and monster to finish a stage
well this game is much easier if use DLC content which add new floor, monster and costume
but the game still have some challenge in the later stage

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