Sunday, October 16, 2011

Doki Doki Panic Library

puzzle game with To Heart 2 characters

another cute and addictive puzzle game, with very simple control, just using arrow button to move your character
move around and slide books as you go, try to connect 3 or more book with same color to make them dissapear, try your best to clear your area, don't let the books reach the top
the books you've erased will sent to your opponent [as opened books which can be connected with other books], make a combo and keep send books to her, the one who can fill opponent area with the books is the winner

there also special items in the game, usually inside a box, to use it you must break the box by drop it few times and those special items will be released and activated automatically
they have special effects like clear your area, send more books to your opponent etc, some of them is very useful so better use it if you have chance

quite good puzzle game I say, graphic is nice and colorful, sound is good, some BGM has vocal track, the voice act is feel repetitive tough, gameplay is simple but quite addictive
overall, it's a fun game to play with your friends, or play alone for killing time

download here

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