Saturday, October 15, 2011

Card Sagas Wars - unreleased

very nice fanmade fighting game, featuring many characters taken from many games
have been developed since 2007, unfortunately, this game still has no sign of being released
even tough they have already make 18 playable characters till now

the latest trailer of this game:


using mugen engine, but this game has better sprite quality, since they really make the sprite and not just pick random sprite from other game, the character cast is quite interesting too
this game using card system where you can summon characters to help you in battle, the cards has a gauge which is auto fill and if the gauge is full, the card can be activated
this game seems also have team battle mode [2 vs 2] which is quite rare in 2D fighting

here some gameplay video:


by the looks in the video, this game seems really promising
smooth animation, fast gameplay and those amazing ultimate attack
hope the developer will finish and release this game soon

you can check the official site here to see the progress of this game


  1. mugen dah berhenti.. apa mereka bikin mugen sendiri?

  2. mugen kan cuma game engine-nya aja.
    kalo gamenya ya tergantung kreativitas yg buat