Tuesday, October 11, 2011


board game for PSX, rather similar with mahjong but more simple, featuring characters from Marl Kingdom series

just like in mahjong, you got 9 tiles and have to make 3 pair of tiles with same pictures [each pair has 3 tiles] to win the game.
each turn you and your opponent wil pick a tile and throw the one you don't need so you can make 3 pairs of tile with same pictures, there also some special tile which can be matched with any tile so it can be used to fill in any pair of tiles
when you are almost win, you'll automatically declare riichi, that mean you only need one more tile for your pair to win the game, you can get tile you need either from the tile you pick [tsumo] or from the tile your opponent drop [ron]
it's the same with your opponent, so when your opponent has declared riichi, you better be careful not to drop the tile that she need to win

little different with mahjong, this game can only played by 2 player [mahjong is played by 4 player]
and there are some special attack with many different effect like: lock your tile, destroy tiles in your hand and the most annoying, switch the tiles in your hand with opponent's tiles

quite fun board game, more simple to understand since all the tiles here using pictures instead of japanese letter make it easier to play
the rule also more simple than mahjong, you don't need to memorize a lot of winning tile combination

graphic is colorful and nice, not much animation here tough
voice acting is good too, in story mode you'll get all dialog line is full voiced
overall not a bad game, and it's a nice collection if you also like Marl Kingdom series

you can get it here

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