Friday, October 7, 2011

Shoujo Mahou Gakuen - Oshaberi Card Game

very fun and addictive card game, with some H content tough

if you ever played UNO, this game is exactly similar
you get a number of cards in your hand, match the card with the one your opponet put, if you have cards with same color or number you can put out those cards, if you don't have anything match you must draw one more card
the first one who can get their hand empty [lose all the cards they have] is the winner

aside from those normal card [with color and number], there are some special card with some effect like change color, reverse turn order, skip next opponent turn, or make your opponent draw more cards
just be careful, if the last card you have is special card, you can't win the game and must draw 4 more card
so it's better to spend all your special card before

in story mode, if you can win a stage [there are 3 round for each stage]
you can choose one of the two lowest score and give her some "punishment"
if you got the lowest score, of course you're the one who get the "punishment"

aside of those adult content, this game is actually really fun, just like the real UNO game
you can just play in free play mode if you don't want to see the adult stuff
tough it seems so simple, you need some thinking and strategi to win the game

download here

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