Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bougyaku Kangoku -Rape Simulator-

latest game from StudioS, released in C80
as usual, typical violent action game with H content

rather similar with their previous game, Ryoki Tsuya Takeshi, but more focused in H element and there are only 2 characters in this game
you play as a man vs a schoolgirl, in typical fighting game style, you can punch, kick and grab her
you don't have lifebar here, so don't worry about losing or game over

anyway, this game divided into 3 phase:
phase 1, your opponent girl is still fight back and have some resistance, she can punch and kick you,
you need to stun her first before grab her, and when you've grab her she still can resist when you try to strip her
you'll finish this phase after you can rip her clothes [bottom and top]
phase 2, she can't fight back anymore, all she can do is just crawling away from you.
in this phase you can do a lot of H things, just grab her and use arrow button to change into many position. no more resistance, all she can do is just screaming and crying
you can finish this phase by beating her up till her life bar is empty or use finishing moves to finish this phase instantly
phase 3, she's broken and unconscious, she'll just lying down and anything you do to her won't get much reaction, use finishing move in this phase and you'll finish this game and get Ending sequence

really short game, but quite amusing
compared with previous game, you got more action in H sequence
new strip sequence, more position, and internal shot, quite nice addition here
this game seems also have multiple ending, just got 2 of them tough

WARNING! this game have some violent animation [especially the finishing moves] and some moves also quite brutal, typical StudioS games

download here
also, you need japanese locale setting to play this game

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  1. Incredible blog you have here!!!!
    I love all your posts

    This one seems very nice!!
    But I can't DL the game.

    PLEASE, can you give another link???
    Thanks, and continue to give awesome ideas about 2D games!!