Wednesday, December 7, 2011


typical block breaking game with Mabinogi characters, similar with Arkanoid or DX-Ball
where you control a plat and try to catch and refecting a ball and make hit and destroy all blocks/clear the area, the difference is, in this game the blocks is replaced with the clothing of the girls
control is simple, just move the plat to left and right to catch and reflect the ball, if you can't catch the ball your life bar is reduced, and if your life bar got empty that mean game over

you can choose many girls as background/stage, each girls has 2 level, level 1 you can destroy her cloth and in level 2 you destory her underwear, yup in the end of stage you'll got her naked
while destroying her cloth, you can find bonus items which have special effect and sometimes very useful [like enlarge your plat, special attack, multiply your ball]
item you've got can be stored and you can use it by pressing corresponding button anytime [F1-F12]

if you took too long to finish a stage, a spider will come and will rebuild the cloth of the girl
you can kill the spider by hit it with the ball, and if you don't kill it soon, the spider will keep rebuild the cloth, that mean more job to finish the level

download from here
sorry, can,t find another link

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