Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Denjin Makai 2

another nostalgia, an old arcade beat-em-up game I used to play in the past
I could say this game is one of the best in this genre, still remember playing this game so many times in arcade

with eight character choice, and each one have their own special attack
a very interesting feature for a beat-em-up game on it's era
there's an energy gauge for special attack which can be charge if just stand still, so you can lauch special move many times as long you can charge those gauge

just like another typical game, just beat all enemies and proceed to next screen
make a nice combo and beat the boss at the end of stage

very simple game right? but still fun to replay it again sometimes
trying to use each character, with their different attack and moves
and there's unlisted moves for some characters, like special throw or when using certain weapon

BTW this game is created by Banpresto
so I hope they'll use characters from this game in their future games, in Mugen no Frontier perhaps?
it would be very fun to play them again there


  1. HUH!! beneran tuh.. gw kira banpresto ngak bikin game jalan2 gini!

    ada di mame khan?

  2. tentu saja!
    silakan bernostalgia dgn MAME

  3. kl mo bw.. alamatnya pake yg ini aja ya,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=742608bca4c4bc5a&biw=1360&bih=674
    google nyari tanpa http