Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trouble Witches AC

cute shmup with bullet trapping mechanic

horizontal shmup with very nice graphic here
special feature in this game, you can create a magic circle/barrrier [consume magic] which can trap enemy bullets and stop them [so you can use it as a shield] and if you can destroy enemy who shoot it while the barrier still active, the bullets inside will change into coin which then you can collect/absorb automatically by releasing shot button
the coins you collect can be used in the shop which will show up in the middle of stage
you can use it to buy spell card, extra life or upgrade you magic gauge

there are no power up here, instead you can use spell card which can be used to give special ability [mostly power up/change your shot] only temporary tough, when the power is run out, you'll back to normal state
you can only stock up to 3 spellcard at a time

graphic is really good, with colorful background and lighting, really nice to watch
BGM is quite good, voice acting is not so special but still not bad I say
definitely must try for shmup fans!

by the way this game is arcade version from original Trouble Witches which released in PC
I recommend this version because it has more characters, more challenge [enemy bullet is more crazy here] and support 2 player

but if you have X360, better get X360 version, Trouble Witches Neo, which is the most complete version, has more mode, DLC characters, also got english version too

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