Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eternal Fighter Zero

1st doujin fighting game released by Tasofro [known with Touhou Hisouten/soku]. based on 3 Visual Novel created by KEY [Kanon, AIR, and One]

old game, with low-res visual, low-res sprite and nice music but still fun to play
not like their new fighting game, Touhou Hisouten, this game is feel more classical fighting game, with nice combo system [not so hard for beginner but expert can pull more extreme combo], recoil guard, 3 level super gauge, reinforce gauge, and launcher/combo gauge

tough some character is ripped from another fighting game [Misuzu = Testament [GG], Mai = Hibiki [LB2]] but still there's character with original movesets, even clone character [Nanase-Doppel Nanase, Sleep Nayuki-Awake Nayuki] have different style and move


latest version is Memorial/ver 4 which add 2 new character: Akiko and Nayuki [awake ver]

this game has better AI than other Tasofro fighting games [Hisouten/soku]
playing vs Ayu [COM] in level 3/hard is quite annoying, specially with her recoil counter and seems she's really like to use it , make playing vs COM is more challenging

Download here

I wish Tasofro will add another update patch/expansion for this game
add character from Clannad or Little Buster maybe? or maybe release a "remastered" version with better graphic?

TIPS for Win 7 user:
if you used Windows 7, there's a graphical problem when playing this game, the color will mess up
tips to fix it: before start the game, go to desktop, right click and open "Screen Resolution", let it open or just minimize it, then start the game and voila.... no more color mess up

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