Saturday, September 10, 2011

Toaru Pantsu no Railgun

short action game based on anime Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

play as Misaka Mikoto in a Megaman style boss rush game
fight a boss in each stage and get a new skill after beat her

this game feels rather difficult in early stage, because you don't have any skill at all
with just shoot n jump you must beat 1st boss [which then will have powered up mode]
then each stage you'll get skill like charge shot, dash, double jump, and full charge [railgun shot] which will make the game much easier
just like megaman boss battle, you must analyze boss pattern attack and attack at the right time

this game is really short tough, just 5 stage and no special/extra bonus after finish the game
still, not a bad game, specially if you're also fans of "biribiri"

Download here
surprisingly this game has english patch
download patch here


  1. sama kayak di animenya.
    si Saten make level upper terus jadi power up n dpt serangan baru [yg konyol bgt namanya].
    liat aja ndiri