Thursday, September 8, 2011

Im@s Champ Plus

an Idolmaster flash game for PC
actually it's combination of party game n training game.
you choose n play some mini game and if you succeed, it will raise your status. [there's 3 stat here : vocal, visual , and dance]
each mini game have different effect in raising status, and you need to balance those 3 stat.
every stage there's a target how many mini games need to be succes, if you meet this target you'll get rank up, if you fail to meet the target then game's over.
for example, stage 1 you can choose 3 mini games and your target is 1 succes
stage2 your target is 2 succes of 3 mini games and so on.
there's total 42 mini games to choose, and after playing one you can't play the same game again.

the mini games is very simple, most of them just clicking n dragging with mouse, there're also some use arrow keys in keyboard, some of them need some knowledge of japanese language tough. [only 2, buying juice for Iori and sending mail/SMS]

Download here

if you just wanna play for fun, you can just choose and play any mini games you like
or you can planned which games to choose in each stage to get higher rank, each rank will have different ED.
nice game for killing time or if you are Idolmaster fans you might like it.
this game based on 1st release of Idolmaster tough, so no Takane or Hibiki in this game.

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