Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gleam of Force

cute fighting game, with simple moveset and easy to play
made by the same creator of RBO [Ragnarok Battle Offline]

as you see, they have same style of character design

this game just use 3 button: 2 for attack [A and B] and 1 for guard

like I said before, this game have simple moveset, you can pull special move just by pressing f+A, d+A, etc
even super move can be execute by pressing f+AB or d+AB
of course, there're another mechanic like infight [rush to start combo], evade/parry, and counter

funny things is, in this game your character cannot jump, but you can dash trough your opponent

another thing you need to know, in this game, less life bar your character have, she can do more damage
so better careful with near death opponent, or they can OHKO you [even if you still got more than half life bar]

anyway, this is a great game, with nice and smooth graphic [higher res here so no pixelated sprite], nice BGM [some stage has vocal BGM ] and very fun gameplay
it's a must have for fighting game lover

download here

and there's update patch here
added 1 more character
and now you can choose from 3 style [outboxer, infighter, old style] before battle


  1. MF donk :garing:
    ya udah gpp.. test play donk.. trus share dimari

  2. udah MF tuh linknya yg disono!
    coba dicek dulu dah!
    tapi emang gede sih game ini