Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mighty My Master

another fun and addictive beat-em-up game for PC

just like in the picture above, this game actually H-game. but you can just skip the adult content
since it's much more fun to play beat-em-up session than watching long dialog scene with some pics

in this game you play as young knight named Riza and his maids as partner
at first you only got one maid as partner, then in the later stage you get more maid who will join you [you'll got total 7 maid, each one have different weapon and represent an element]
you can bring up to 3 maid in each stage, but only one can be active. as a partner they will help you attack enemies, just watch her HP [blue gauge], since every time she use special attack [or get hit of course] will consume her HP and if it's run out you can't call her again till her HP recharged, but don't worry, if you see her HP is low you can just switch her with another maid and wait till her HP replenished before use her again

as Riza you can use special move freely, so just keep attack/make combo and enjoy the battle
when you destroyed enemies [or some background item] you'll get get some orb scattering
- yellow/white orb, for exp poin
- green orb, restore Riza HP
- blue orb, restore partner/maids HP
- red orb, fill ultimate attack gauge
enemies will reappear if you stay in one place for a while, so if you need some orb to refill HP, just wait and destroy enemies which will keep reappear

after a stage is over you can use exp poin you got to upgrade weapon level and learn/upgrade new skill
and you'll back to Riza mansion, here you can replay stages you've cleared or visit the maids in their room and talk with them, if there is some sign in her door it mean you'll get some "service" from her when go to her room
it's just long VN style dialog so I usually just skip it

for a beat-em-up, this game is really fun, tough the stage design and enemies is repetitive
the action part is amazing, Riza have a lot of special attack, the maids also have different attack and ability, some is good in melee, the other is archer type, magic user etc
graphic is quite detail too, there are some lag when attack many enemies tough, but I think that's not big deal
overall it's a must try for beat-em-up lover, and for H content, better just skip it [not really worth to watch I say]

download here
sorry, since MU is already down
this is the only link I can found


  1. kok sering ngebug nih kampret.. lagi di tgh2 game, tombol arah buat jalannya jadi kyk ga aktif gtu.. jadi ga bsa jalan.. btw minta save2an yg kobepnya kebuka smua dong

  2. wah kowe kurang ngganteng kali?
    di saya ga pernah ada problem gitu.
    coba pas maen kursor mouse-nya di pinggirkan dr layar.

    save2an noh!
    tapi adegan2 kobep-e kurang yahud pest!
    lebih enak gebuk2annya.