Friday, September 16, 2011


also known as Cannon Dancer, an arcade action sidescroll, very similar with Strider from Capcom

beat enemies with your rapid kick, climbing the wall, hanging in roof, very similar with Strider in gameplay
new feature here is power-up system which can give you ability to create afterimage [up to four] which can attack after you, they just copying attack move you've done before tough, but with right placement, it can really help you in defeating enemies [especially bosses] 
there also ultimate attack where you creating many clones to attack [and can kill early stage boss in 1 hit]

not a bad game, in graphic and action, each stage is big and vast, not just moving left to right, you need to jumping and climbing too
this game also had many midboss in each stage, make it more challenging
and in last stage you'll face 3 boss in earlier stage at once just before the last boss
overall not bad, I'd said it's still worth to try

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