Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gunforce 2

arcade sidescroll shooter game, basically a prototype of Metal Slug combined with Contra series
actually just found and try it yesterday, and quite surprised, never tought it's was so good

similar to Metal Slug series, you'll just shoot all enemies and make your way to the end of stage
in your way, there're some prisoner need your help, not an old veteran prisoner but a sexy dressed women here, they just add your score tough, not giving any item/weapon
there're also many vehicle you can ride, like walker machine, tank, jeep, motorcycle and some kind of mobile suit?

taken from Contra series, your character can climbing, hanging in ledge and shooting in all ways since you can use 2 weapon at once [yup! dual wielding], and that mean you can use 2 different weapon at a time
of course, it will gone if you died [and I bet you'll die many times in this game]

like I said, this game is surprisingly good, specially in graphic, nice detail and color, good explosion
and great design of background and bosses

gameplay is quite fun too, in some stage you just move left to right, then there is climbing stage where you moving up, and in another stage has boss fight where you riding motorcycle downhill

Overall, I'll said this game still worth to play again timely, just try it!


  1. resiko asal comot gambar.
    terpaksa uplod gambar sendiri

  2. gpp..
    tp ternyata emang bener2 racun.. METAL SLUGGGggg persis banget..