Saturday, September 10, 2011

Duo Princess

fanmade game based on Squaresoft action RPG, Threads of Fate
you can play as one of 2 princess, Mint or Maya [or both of them in 2P mode] in a simple action game

Mint is stronger in physical attack [close range], while Maya has powerful magic [long range]
play them in a simple action game, kinda similar with Ys series, with slower attack and no level up
just go trough each stage [there're 7 stage here], search for item and new magic and beat the boss in the end of each stage

unfortunately, there's no save point here, so you must play the game from start till the end, just like old arcade games
graphic is quite good, combining 2D sprite with 3D background, with nice color too
control is rather slow, but that's not a big problem here

overall, this game is not so bad, more fun to play it in 2P mode tough, since some boss is quite annoying when play alone

Download here

BTW this game is created by EGS [Easy Game Station], which also the same creator of Chantelise and Recettear

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