Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Contra Hard Corps

Nostalgia time!
one of my favorite game in Megadrive, and could be the best of Contra Series

4 Playable Character

if you've played Contra, no need to explain about gameplay, just shoot all the enemies and beat the boss at the end of stage
in this version we got 4 playable character and each one has different set of weapon [4 type + 1 bomb], yup each character won't get the same weapon so they'll have different style to beat the game

another great thing is there's 2 split route in this game
1st split is after stage 1, 2nd split is after stage 3
so basically it goes like this
- stage 1 - stage 2A - stage 3 - stage 4A or 4B - to END
- stage 1 - stage 2B - stage 3 - stage 4C or 4D - to END
so you can get 4 different ending, and you will face 4 different last boss in each ending!
and there's another secret ending you can get by go to secret path in stage 3

graphically this game is really good [for a megadrive game] with nice enemy design, nice coloring, and many many explosion in the game
in each stage you will face a lot of mid-boss [this game has the most boss to beat of all Contra games]
a nice game to play in times if you want to nostalgia with oldskool game

my favorite character in this game: Sheena Etranzi

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