Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sispri Gauntlet

a really hard and crazy shooter game, but still looks cute anyway

very simple, choose your character [each have different weapon] and explore the area to find the exit, and you'll finish the stage
but in your way you'll meet swarm of enemies, cause they will keep coming from enemy generator
the only way to stop it is by destroying enemy generator, of course you still need to avoid enemies attack while do it
or you can just breaktrough and forcing your way, but it'll become much harder if you're surrounded by more enemies later

like I said, this game is really hard, you're not only need to survive, but also need to find the exit in limited time
of course, there are items to restore health and time, but those are usually hidden in the area
not to mention that enemies will always chase and aiming to you, with so many enemy attacking, they can be annoying to avoid

so, if you want some challenge, you might want to try this game!

download here

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  1. tampang ceweknya kyk anak baik2 tp peganganny gatling kabeh :facepalm: