Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exceed 3rd - Black Package

one of my favorite shmup game for PC, because this game is very friendly for casual player like me

this game has usual feature just like standard shmup games, collecting power-up, bombing, multi phase boss battle, beautiful bullet pattern, and new thing here is special attack that can be charged by grazing bullet

I said this game is very friendly because there are some feature that really helpful for beginner when playing this game
first is autobomb, yup! that mean you'll release bomb when get hit by bullet, very useful for people like me which always forget to use bomb
then the power-up item, when you die those item will still flying around the screen so you can get it back, no need to worry collecting power up again
then there're some enemies [usually big enemies] which will act as mini bomb/clearing bullets around them when they explode
not to mention you get homing shot by holding shot button [focus shot], so you can concentrate in avoiding bullet, no need to chase after enemy/boss

graphic is quite good I say, nice background, big character sprite and great lighting effect
one more thing, this game is also supported by some famous voice actor here [Yukari Tamura and Nana Mizuki's voice can be recognize directly]. another plus for this game

so if you're beginner who want to try playing shmup/danmaku style game, this game is good start
of course, for expert you can try to reach Extra Stage [available after last stage but you need to set autobomb off, at least in normal difficulty, and no continue of course], or playing in Hard or Extra difficulty with crazy bullet speed

download here
surprisingly there is english patch for story dialog
download patch here

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