Thursday, November 24, 2011


one more rape-fighting action game
this one is rather old tough, with simple and pixelated graphic

you play as a delinquent against powerless schoolgirl
just like regular fighting game, you can punch and kick her, use special move etc
or just grab her and have some fun with her, depend on her position when you grab her [front/behind or standing/lie down] you can get different animation
there are some special position too, like when you can do air grab or suplex stance [in this position you even can launch her to the air with your "shot"]

like I said before your opponent is a powerless girl, she can't fight you back since her hand is tied
so all she can do just move away to avoid you, and sometimes she'll also resist when you grab her
you can just do what you want and no need to worry about losing/game over

there are 2 ways to finish this game:
- first, you can keep on beating her until she is unconsciuos [or dead?]
then you'll move to next phase, to a beat-em-up stage against some weird creatures
after cleared some level you'll get a sexy pic of a demon girl
- second, you can just finish anytime by hold "E" button, choose "yes" then you'll get the ED scene
depend on what you've done before you can get different scene, you can get the girl crying after you rape her or maybe she enjoy it and asked for more

overall this is a short and simple game, but I find this quite amusing since there are many variation position and try to find how to do it is quite fun too
also this game is not too brutal like those StudioS's games

download here:


  1. Gan enakan dimediafire dari pada di megaupload, apalagi sekarang megaupload diblok tu sama FBI.

  2. yah! apa boleh buat.
    dulu nemunya pas MU masih idup.
    udah saya ganti tuh, tapi cuma nemu link RS ~_~

  3. Can you update those game links please!!!

    The links are dead, decayed and damaged :/