Thursday, January 26, 2012

Madoka Etoile

puzzle game based on anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica
typical "connect four of same orb to make it dissapear" puzzle game
of course, it also have some different and unique feature 

rather different with another puzzle game, this game is battle puzzle type game
instead of surviving and clearing your own area, you must attack your opponent and reduce their life bar to zero to win the game
to attack your opponent, first you must create a soulgem, you can create soulgem by connecting 5 or more symbol with same color, then you must connect that soul gem with 3 or more symbol with same color, so the soulgem will attack and reduce enemy lifebar
attacking with soulgem will also clearing the row and column where the soul gem was, and if there are another soulgems in the same row/column, those soulgem will also attack and make combo attack
by creating soulgem, you will also fill your special gauge, when the gauge is full you can launch special attack which have greater damage, special attack also have different special effect for every characters [like stop time for some second, destroy opponent soulgem etc]

in this game, you will not lose if your area is filled, but of course, you need to clear your area to set the symbols to create soulgem and attack

this game is actually really good, gameplay is quite fun, the enemies in story mode is quite difficult to beat tough [I still couldn't finish normal mode]
graphic is nice, but the animation is minimal [special attack just some CG with effect], BGM is really great! arranged directly from the anime OST
if you've watch the anime, surely you'll feel familiar with the music
and this game even has voice act for the story sequence! not the original voice actor but I say they're not bad

download here

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